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Creating Flow with OmniFocus 3

Kourosh Dini
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  • Would you like to be more productive and achieve your goals?
  • Do you struggle to get your work done?
  • Do you forget the things you need to do?
  • Does it feel like you are always "putting out fires", instead of getting to what you want to do?

helps you to easily guide your work, play, and productivity throughout the days, weeks, and years using the strength of the premier task and project manager, OmniFocus. guides you from the basics to the most advanced uses one step at a time.

is a revamp from the previous editions in several ways. 

The new edition incorporates the new features of OmniFocus 3 such as tags, a rework of custom perspectives, the Forecast tag, and more.

 was written to offer an “unfolding” approach.  You don’t need to go through the whole text to have a working system. In fact, you could just get by with “Getting Started” and be up and running. But if you want to really crush it, you can always turn the page to keep enhancing your system into a more and more powerful machine.  

Gradually, you can have large projects, like writing books and studying, sitting side-by-side with the routines of the day, all in a steady daily system.

Quite importantly, you can still create space in the day. is not about getting as much done in as little time as possible. Certainly, if you have not learned efficiency, will help you find it. More importantly, however, it is about clearing paths to develop what you find to be most meaningful, OmniFocus being a tool for that process.

Beyond simply describing the use of OmniFocus, integrates concepts from the eLit award-winning and into a smooth, near self-sustaining system.

  • Build a trusted system and get things off your mind.
  • Take control of OmniFocus at a much deeper level by mastering tags and perspectives.
  • Build a core system to manage responsibilities and tasks easily.
  • Take on the projects you want to, knowing you have a way to do them day to day.
  • Grasp basic and advanced concepts of OmniFocus through real examples.
  • Gain mastery and integrate maintenance tasks, new tasks of the day, as well as larger projects.
  • Have daily tasks and year-long projects rest easily side by side.


  • 110,000+ words
  • Numerous screenshots, images, examples, and tutorials
  • DRM-free ePub, Mobi, and PDF formats

Praise for Previous Editions

Guarantee: If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your product, send an email during your first 30 days for a refund, no questions asked.

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Bonus - Chapter from Workflow Mastery
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Creating Flow with OmniFocus 3

62 ratings
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